Bak-Consult 05History

Bak-Consult was established in 1985 as a highly-specialised transportation and cleaning company for plastic crates. In the beginning with washing tunnels installed on trucks, later with fixed installations in our warehouses in Wommelgem. Over the years, pallets and chocolate moulds have also been added to our conditioning services. In 2013, the founders decided to sell. Since then, Vincent De Roeck en Pieter Vanden Broucke continue to further expand the business. In 2017, the company closed its Wommelgem plant and moved all operations to a brand-new facility in Sint-Niklaas.

Opslag KerncijfersKey figures

Bak-Consult has close to 3000m² storage indoorspace at its disposal. The two automated washing tunnels are operated by a pool of 13 trained professionals. With three shifts per day, Bak-Consult is able to clean up to 1,200,000 plastic pallets, up to 6,9 million crates and up to 2,7 million chocolate moulds per annum. Bak-Consult has the docking capacity to receive up to 19,200 trucks per year.

general terms and conditions Bak-ConsultTerms and conditions

Our general terms and conditions can be retrieved from here. Our operating hours and closing days can be downloaded here. Bak-Consult strives to deliver a perfect end product. This, however, always remains a best-efforts undertaking. Costs of production damages can never be recovered from Bak-Consult.